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Other Uses

Here are some other uses for our Anchor Wizard systems. It has been amazing to us what our customers do with these units - aside from anchoring their boats!

If you use our Anchor Wizard system for anything other that anchoring your boat, please contact us so we can add it to our growing list! Feel free to send us pics and/or video as well!

Duck Decoy Line Retrieving System

  • Hinge cutting trees for enhancing deer habitat on your property
  • Flying kites
  • Raising elevated tower style deer stands
  • Raising pails of mortar and cement blocks up scaffolding
  • Trotline fishing
  • Releasing and retrieving larger planer boards for trolling
  • Flying weather balloons
  • Retrieving dozens of duck decoys on decoy lines
  • Releasing and retrieving Blue Crab lines for crabbing
  • Retrieving recreational crab pots
  • Retrieving recreational shrimp pots
  • Storing camera and electrical cables
  • Retrieving water samples in nuclear power plants
  • Retrieving mail and other supplies on oil rigs in the ocean
  • Raising and lowering lock-on style tree stands 
  • Anchoring river barges used for launching fireworks